I never worry about things I cant change. Or people for that matter.

Eating your own dog food turns out to be a good way to ensure quality control.

Nothing in the paper. Nothing online. Even put a ad in craigslist.com. Called the humane society/animal shelters. No missing/lost Black labs.
Called my realtor to see if there was any other shelters in the area.


She did say she would put the word out.
What to do if I can't find the owner?
What he was intentionally abandoned?
Do I keep him? One lab is a handful but two?
Well mannered. Even tempered. Mellow. Clingy. Crawled into bed with me.

Random Interlude

  • Ability to incorporate critical feedback in a constructive manner.
  • Images speaking a thousand words.
  • Remember the source.
  • You are received by what you communicate

Back to the Lab

It was pouring rain as I stepped out of my jeep. From the backyard I heard hoarse barking at front side gate. I thought to myself, "What is my dog doing out back?" I clicked my clicker and opened up the garage door. What a disaster.

Walking inside and saw that my contractor had been here. Two big bags of uneaten Wendy's sit in the pile of wood dust and other debris. My contractor must have forgotten to let the dog back in. Damn it.
What? Barking from inside the house?
Unlocking the side kitchen door I heard movement and more barking. I slowly open it and then was greeted by my dog! What? If my dog was inside then who/what/when dog was in back?
My dog immediately ran to the back door were I preceded to open it. Behind the screen door....... behold another Black Lab! I then let my dog outside and then all hell broke loose..
It took a hour for dogs to get adjusted and my backyard was a muddy mess. Looked like a battle field with stuffed toy parts everywhere.

Left a message for my contractor to call.

David, "You forgot something out back."
"What?" he questionably replies. "What could I have forgotten?". Oh and sorry for the mess in the garage.

David, There is another Black Lab in the backyard.

What? What are you talking about?

I then explained what I have found. He had no idea how the dog got there. That dog wasn't there earlier and mine was in the backyard all day. Again he said he had no idea, no idea at all.

"What are you going to do?" he asks.

Guessing I said, "Call the Humane Society to see if anyone have reported a missing lab".

No one had reported a missing Black Lab. Also tried Animal Control. Checked the lost and found in the local paper .Again and again the same answer. No missing lab.

Blue collar (No tags), Spayed, pretty white teeth, About a year old. About 90 pounds. Has a really big head. Knows how to sit, shake and lay. And loves to eat.

Decide to pay my neighbors a visit. I'm in the process of moving in and thought this will give me a opportunity to meet them.
Living on a cul de sac there only is three other houses and one of them is vacant.
Nope no luck. No one had seen/heard/done anything. If anything, I learned about who fucking who, who's unemployed, who's employed, ect... in the neighborhood.
Walking home I thought.....
....There are only two possibilities here.
+ Someone in the neighborhood saw a black lab loose and thought he was mine and put him out back.
- Being new in the neighborhood I haven't had a chance to met my neighbor . Also if you go anywhere near the front of sides of the house you would hear my dogs loud and I mean loud barking (That's what he does a lot of when someone is in the yard)
+ Someone saw that I had a lab and they had a lab that they wanted to get rid of.
- No true Lab owner would do this.
My house/land is surrounded by 8 ft privacy fencing and there is no way a dog could get back there by itself. No way. No holes in the fencing. If my dog couldn't get out, how could one get in?
Heh. Open up my front door to see all my freshly cleaned carpet went from a light blue to some sort of brown. The both of them have tracked all this mud in. Toys were everywhere. Be glad when the hardwood flooring is installed.
Sat down in a clean spot and was the center of affection for two playful labs.
Heh. How do I relax now?


Black Labs are Awesome


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